Letter from Mr. Halvorsen

Eine E-Mail von Mr. Halvorsen:


Dear Principal Kathrin and the Students of the Halvorsen School, especially those of you now in my country.

You all are wonderful Ambassadors for Germany and super examples of the one and only Berlin Halvorsen School!!

I regret I haven’t welcomed  you sooner. I am not in good health at the present time and am behind in my communications. I have good medical help. It is not immediately serious but enough of a restriction to keep me close to home.  I have one more trip to Berlin yet to make. The main purpose would be  to visit our school!

My heart and soul are with all off you and your visit here. May you take away fond memories!

My deepest regret is that I am not with you in person!

God bless you through all your activities!

Your Candy Bomber friend,




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